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HB Съединител с еластомер

Flexible Jaw Couplings utilize the flexibility and resilience of a polyurethane element between aluminium hubs. This combination allows high torque to be transmitted with little or no backlash, even where there is significant angular and/or parallel misalignment.
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HB Съединител с еластомер
1072009 HB-2534-0606
9,00 лв
1072010 HB-2534-0608
9,00 лв
1072012 HB-2534-0610
9,00 лв
1072008 HB-2534-0808
9,00 лв
1072001 HB-2534-0810
9,00 лв
1072007 HB-2534-1010
9,00 лв
1072004 HB-3042-1010
10,95 лв
1072003 HB-3042-1012
10,95 лв
1072002 HB-3042-1014
10,95 лв
1072005 HB-3042-1212
10,95 лв
1072011 HB-3042-1214
10,95 лв
1072006 HB-3042-1414
10,95 лв
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