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AE200 Честотен инвертор

The A200 series is a high-performance Vector Control general-purpose Inverter, non-inductive vector Inverter. Excellent performance, simple wiring operation, short circuit, phase loss overheat, overload, over voltage, under voltage, communication, motor speed tracking, PID, and motor parameter self-learning function.
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AE200 Честотен инвертор
1083001 AE200-1PH-0075
174,56 лв
1083002 AE200-1PH-0150
195,09 лв
1083003 AE200-1PH-0220
223,84 лв
1083004 AE200-1PH-0300
347,06 лв
1083005 AE200-1PH-0400
406,62 лв
1083014 AE200-3PH-0075
182,77 лв
1083007 AE200-3PH-0150
215,63 лв
1083008 AE200-3PH-0220
244,38 лв
1083009 AE200-3PH-0300
326,53 лв
1083010 AE200-3PH-0400
408,67 лв
1083011 AE200-3PH-0550
470,28 лв
1083012 AE200-3PH-0750
552,42 лв
1083013 AE200-3PH-1100
757,79 лв
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