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Precision Milling Machine Vise

Precision Milling Machine Vise is a sturdy CNC vise that provides a rigid backstop and prevents lifting of jaws when tightened. Secure stock and work material with this cast-iron CNC vise.
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Precision Milling Machine Vise
Precision-Milling-Machine-Vise1108001 PMMV-4S
57,24 €
Precision-Milling-Machine-Vise1108002 PMMV-5S
83,74 €
Precision-Milling-Machine-Vise1108003 PMMV-6S
126,14 €
Precision-Milling-Machine-Vise1108004 PMMV-6L
135,68 €
Precision-Milling-Machine-Vise1108005 PMMV-8S
200,34 €
Precision-Milling-Machine-Vise-121108006 PMMV-4S-RB
68,48 €
Precision-Milling-Machine-Vise-1251108007 PMMV-5S-RB
95,41 €
Precision-Milling-Machine-Vise-171108008 PMMV-6S-RB
156,99 €
Precision-Milling-Machine-Vise-1281108009 PMMV-6L-RB
155,23 €
Precision-Milling-Machine-Vise-12861108010 PMMV-8S-RB
225,50 €
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