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P80 Plasma CNC Torch

Plasma Cutting Torch for up to 100A . Can be used for LGK-63IGBT and LGK-100IGBT or any other type of plasma up to 100A cutting current. Plasma Cutting Torch for up to 100A .
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Product Image Product SKU Product Name Price Quantity
plasma-torch-p80-571088001 P80 Plasma CNC Torch
30,45 €
plasma-torch-p80-191088008 P80 Plasma Torch + 8m Cable
121,80 €
plasma-torch-p80-hand1088009 P80 Hand Torch + 8m Cable
127,05 €
plasma-torch-p80-hand11088010 P80 Plasma Hand Torch
30,45 €
Consumable Parts
plasma-torch-p80-nozzle1088003 P80 Nozzle 1.1mm
0,79 €
plasma-torch-p80-nozzle1088004 P80 Nozzle 1.3mm
0,79 €
plasma-torch-p80-nozzle1088005 P80 Nozzle 1.5mm
0,79 €
plasma-torch-p80-nozzle1088006 P80 Nozzle 1.7mm
0,79 €
plasma-torch-p80-electrode1088002 P80 Electrode
0,82 €
plasma-torch-p80-ceramic81088007 P80 Ceramic Shield
0,63 €
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