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Workshop LED Lamp

IP67 waterproof CNC machine tools work lights, Explosion-proof waterproof led CNC Machine tube work light ,oil proof. Uniform distribution of light, excellent color rendering and good lighting effects. Suitable for CNC machine tools, laser equipment, CNC machine tools, automatic equipment, packaging equipment.
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Workshop LED Lamp
1182001 W-LED-Lamp-220V-L220
12,90 €
1182002 W-LED-Lamp-024V-L220
12,90 €
1182003 W-LED-Lamp-220V-L400
16,50 €
1182004 W-LED-Lamp-024V-L400
16,50 €
1182005 W-LED-Lamp-220V-L620
25,90 €
1182006 W-LED-Lamp-024V-L620
25,90 €
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