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Centralized Lubrication

Oil Pipe Fittings

Fittings for Centralized Lubrication System

High Pressure Tube

High pressure pipe intended for central lubrication system. The copper pipe is annealed and easy to bend. The plastic pipe is more intended for ...

Spring Tube Protector

This protective stainless steel Spring Tube Protector is manufactured from high quality stainless steel and protects against abrasion and crush ...

Oil T-Distributor

The Oil T-Distributor is used when the main oil line needs to be separated into different remote consumers. For example, you have an CNC machine with ...

Oil Nozzle Joint

Oil Nozzle Joint is intended for the end user elements in an system, i.e. for connecting the central lubrication system with elements such as ...

Oil Sealing Plug

The Oil Sealing Plug is used for closing the oil at the ends of the distributors or volumetric dispensers as well as for the unused outlets on the ...

Oil Separator Block

Oil separator block is used to separate oil to different elements, such as volumetric dispensers. If, for example, you have different groups of ...

Volumetric Oil Distributor

A volumetric oil distributor is a quantitative volume distributor : It is a pressure-relief quantitative oiler that injects oil when the system is ...

Oil Divider Bridge

Oil Divider Bridge is used to connect distributions blocks such as Oil Separator Block, Volumetric Oil Distributors, Oil T-Distributors and other ...

Price without tax:1,60 €

Tube Cutter 3-16

A wheeled pipe cutter (also called tubing cutter) looks similar to the letter “C” with a handle or knob extending from the side. Wheeled pipe cutters ...

Price without tax:2,80 €

Hand Lubrication Pump

Easy to use and safe and long-lasting operation, the Y8 hand pump is intended for less professional machines and systems where even lubrication is ...

Price without tax:17,40 €

ELOP-1.5 Oil Pump

The ELOP-1.5 series gear pump is a completely automatic control oil pump; the working time ranges from 1 to 60 seconds and the intermittent time ...

Price without tax:74,00 €
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